The Secret to Finding Deals

Are you a deal challenged investor? Wondering where all the deals are?
Been looking for deals in all the wrong places? Kind of sounds like a country music song doesn’t it?

In my 15 years + as a National trainer and Coach, the number one challenge I’ve found for students is FINDING DEALS.

Allow me to back up a little and define “deal”. A deal is a property that is in demand because of a favorable purchase price or favorable terms.

From a wholesaling perspective, a deal is a property in demand because of the low price or favorable terms that can be passed along to another investor. From retail perspective, a deal is a property in demand that can renovated and sold at retail price to a homeowner. From a creative financing standpoint, a good deal is a property in a good location, in good condition, with owner financing or taken “subject to” the existing loan that can be passed to a homeowner or investor without any bank qualifying.

Finding deals will allow you to buy and sell to create cash. Cash to live on, pay down debt, enjoy life and build a secure retirement.

The reality is if you’re unable to find deals on a regular basis you will not be FREE. Free to create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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Jay Hines is a leading expert in Real Estate investing. He is a nationally recognized speaker, mentor and coach who has personally trained over 200 individual students and trained hundreds more in group settings in over 46 markets across the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. A full-time investor since 1998, Jay has bought and sold hundreds of properties himself and been involved in over 1,000 real estate transactions.