The Ultimate Strategy for Buying & Selling Houses

To solve the biggest risks and challenges investors have been facing since the subprime market meltdown in the fall of 2007, I started developing, systemizing and sharing The Ultimate Strategy for buying and selling houses at the end of that year.

Prior to that I had taught this strategy as ONE way to make money. After the market panic and collapse in 2008 it has become THE way to make money and is still my top choice in today’s market…

What is the “ultimate” real estate investing strategy?

The Ultimate Strategy is a real estate investing model for…

  • Buying and holding great single family homes in nice areas…
  • With positive monthly cash flows…
  • Better than no money down…
  • Without dealing with banks…  and
  • Getting them 100% debt free as quickly as possible

It allows you collect cash now, cash flow and cash later on…

  • Any type of property
  • In any price range
  • In any housing market
  • During any economic climate

It also helps you avoid or overcome…

  • New foreclosure laws
  • Seasoning rules
  • Restrictive lending guidelines
  • Negative cash flow
  • Declines in home values
  • Investing your own capital
  • Using your own credit

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