Why Seminars Are So Much Important To Your Success?

“Tell Me, and I Forget; Teach Me, and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Learn” Benjamin Franklin

I just finished a very successful Quick Start Boot Camp here in Jacksonville, and I remember why I keep teaching. We had people from all over American and a couple Canadians, and even a Brit in the class of 175 students.

On the first day, I called for all who were doing deals to stand up and then invited them to the front of the room as a group. Frankly, I was shocked at the number. You see, Quick Start is where people get the basic training to start their business, not usually where more seasoned veterans hang out. Oh, we always have some returning for a refresher, but I had about 50 people stand and come forward this time, and I asked all to tell a little about their businesses.

The numbers were staggering. A few were seven figure earners. Some built sizable businesses and a couple had become trainers. All my children. All starting from a point of ignorance. None taking no for an answer. Here’s another quote from old Ben…”We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

I heard some new guests asking the older students why they came back if they were doing so well, and the answers were universally the same…

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Ron LeGrand was born in Jacksonville, Florida and remains there today with his wife Beverly of 48 years, four children, nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Mr. LeGrand has been an entrepreneur for 48 of his 68 years with the last 32 as a real estate investor, commercial developer, speaker, author, information marketer, restaurateur, mortgage broker and lender.

He’s purchased almost 3,000 single family homes and his commercial background includes projects in nine states ranging from retail, warehouse, residential development, fractional and resort properties. He currently buys 6-12 houses every month without using any money or credit and almost none of his time with a staff of only two people.

He is an instructor on many subjects including residential and commercial real estate, private funding, business management, marketing, business growth and speaking with over 500,000 students all over the world.

His platform experience includes sharing the stage with many famous people including Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Rudy Giuliani, Jay Leno, Dr. Phil, past presidents, actors, business lenders and a host of others. To hear more from Ron on how to make a fortune in real estate, go to www.RonLeGrand.com and sign up to receive a free copy of his book and CD combo, How To Be A Quick Turn Millionaire in A Bad Economy, today!